required features for a real estate website

10 must-have features for your real estate site

Posted by admin

December 17, 2014

When building a real estate site, it is very important not to miss crucial things. Well thought-out website structure will attract and keep more visitors. Let's check out what are the most important features and tools for real estate websites.

1. Advanced Search

Search is the most important tool on a real estate website and it should be placed on home page. It should work smoothly, quickly and give accurate results. Many real estate websites and portals use simple or advanced searches, like here.

2. Sorting

Sorting properties by latest, oldest, featured, cheapest will also come in useful. Let visitors get properties they want with one click instead of tiresome jumping from one page to another.

3. Latest or featured properties

Turn your visitors attention to the latest listings or the ones that are most profitable to buy at the moment. Also, if you offer other agents to submit listings, featured position on your website can bring you some extra money as you can offer this option on paid basis.

4. Image gallery

Properties with more photos have more views - that's a fact. Usually agents upload 10-15 photos to show most attractive rooms, or property features. Spend some time and money to make your gallery look fancy.

5. Social sharing

Social sharing tool works in your favour as well, as it spreads information about property through the Net and brings you more potential buyers.

6. Map view

Option to view property on the map is a must-have option. Address information without map view is inconvenient for website visitors, so keep it mind when designing your website.

7&8. Contact form & Telephone number

Let home buyers contact you when they need more details about property. Miss these features and you will miss your customers.

9. Blog

Blog posts with topical themes will make your website more interesting and valuable for visitors. Offer email subscriptions to keep visitors and remind them about yourself regularly.

10. Testimonials

Good feedbacks just prove that you are doing a great job and it is pleasant to make deal with you. Ask your customers to leave a feedback on your website with some personal information (name and surname) and photo/logo.

Your real estate website can boast of more trendy features, but these ones should be fundamental. When making a real estate website, take into account them and you will see good results in the immediate future.