Almost 3 months passed without any updates. However this silence from us is worth this new version! With Estatik Pro 2.3.0 Admin can create multiple subscription plans, get payments via PayPal Standard or Express, manually assign listings to selected agents and much more.

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Here is a list of brand new features with screenshots so you could quickly look it through and decide is it worth to update or buy Estatik 2.3.0.


Admin can create and then offer plans with specific terms he selects in admin area: q-ty of all listings, featured listings, price and renewal price. Plan can be also provided with some notes or description.




All payments will be displayed in new tab of the plugin - Orders. There you can see date, sum and agent email who subscribed to the plan.



Extended Settings

You will find in new version tab Subscriptions with extra settings to make it work smoothly. Do not miss it out and fill in the fields with required information. Please follow the link to make sure that you did everything right when trying new features out!



Assign listing to agent

Recently to assign listing to a specific agent you should have added it via frontend manager what is very time-consuming and inconvenient. Now you can assign listing to agent via Edit listing page using new field Agent there.



New shortcodes

Meet our new shortcodes:


[es_subscription_table] - displays all plans in a table

[es_listings_agent_name='Name Surname'] - displays listings of a specific agent

Bugs fixed

  • * Currency sign bug in PDF fixed
  • * Fixes in language files for beds/baths
  • * Permalinks issue fixed
  • * Postcodes with letters fixed


We have prepared tutorial to make it easier to understand how it should be set up and used. Please read it here. We have also recorded video tutorial here.

Hope you will enjoy new features! We are open to discussions and suggesstions. Please contact us via this contact form >>

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