Black Friday 2022 ON!

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November 24, 2022

The best deals are happening right now at! If you've ever thought about the upgrade from Estatik Simple to PRO or Premium versions, it's high time to do that! Today you can save up to 35% off the regular price of Estatik plugins and 60% off - on our Canva Templates!

Want more deals? Just surf the website and pick some extras!

Oh, and a quick reminder in case you missed that out. Just a few days ago we were proud to announce a significant upgrade of Estatik 3.x to Estatik 4.0  with absolutely new and extremely helpful features inside. Agents and agencies, compare listings, interactive map search, brand-new design, and extremely user-friendly interfaces. Estatik Premium 4.0 with MLS import feature via RETS and Web API was also upgraded and you will hardly recognize it now!

BTW, we're sure you'll likely be quite busy these days and that's why we decided to prolong our deals till Monday, 28th! Do not miss it out, share it with your friends or colleagues and take advantage of these deals. You've got just 5 days!

Let the shopping  b e g i n !

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