Agencies [es_my_agencies]

Displays list of agencies. Also used for agency search results. Alternative shortcodes are [es_agencies], [agencies]


layout=grid (or list)
posts_per_page=Num agencies to show per one page
disable_navbar=1 (or =0). Visible by default (0)
show_sort=1 (or =0). Shows or hides sort field in navbar
show_total=Shows or hides num of listings in navbar
show_page_title=1 (or =0). Show or Hide shortcode page title, helpful for page builder pages
show_layouts=1 (or =0). Show or hide layout switcher in navbar
sort=newest ( or highest_rating, or reviews)
limit - Num of agencies to show. Also disable pagination if the argument is set
page_num - Default current page number
agencies_id - Comma separated agencies IDs to show
page_title - Shows specific title for the page
ignore_search - 1 (or =0). Default is 0. Set to 1 if you want to ignore search form results for this shortcode
enable_search=1 (or =0). Default is 0. Set to 1 if you want to display search form above listings navbar
search_type - see [es_search_form] - search_type
enable_ajax - 0 (or =1). Enable ajax search, it's ajax enabled by default
view_all_page_id - Page ID for view_all_link_name button
view_all_link_name - Use if you want to change "View all" button name
disable_pagination=0 (or =1). Shows or Hides pagination. 1 - to hide


- displays agency single page

id - agency ID