Agent & Agency Search [es_agent_agency_search_form]

Estatik 4 has search for agents and agencies. To display it, please use the following shortcode:


padding - Search form CSS padding. Add spaces in the search form container. Uses for search_type="main" only. Example: padding="50px" or padding="10px 20px 10px 50px"

search_page_id - ID of page with [es_my_agents] or [es_my_agencies] shortcode

background - CSS background color or image for search form. Allowed for search_type=main (or simple). background="#000", where #000 - background color

type - Searchable entity type. Allowed values are agent and agency, agent by default

fields - List if any extra search fields are required. Allowed fields are type, es_service_area, keywords. All of these fields are displayed by default.