Listings [es_my_listing]

Please use the shortcode below to display listings. The alternative shortcode name is [listings].


This shortcode allows the following attributes which will output different listings results.

layout=grid-3 (or grid-2, or list, or half_map). Use half-map layout for page builder page with full width template only.

type=es_type="term id" (es_category="term id", etc. ) - ID can be found in Data Manager.

posts_per_page=Num properties to show per one page.

disable_navbar=1 (or =0). Visible by default (0).

show_sort=1 (or =0). Show or hide sort field in navbar.

show_total=Show or hide num of listings in navbar.

show_page_title=1 (or =0). Show or Hide shortcode page title. Useful attribute for page builder pages.

show_layouts=1 (or =0). Show or hide layout switcher in navbar.

sort=newest (or lowest_price, or highest_price, or largest_sq_ft, or bedrooms, or bathrooms, or oldest, or label-name).

limit - Num of properties to show. Also disable pagination if the argument is set.

page_num - Default current page number.

ignore_search-1 (or =0). Default is 0. Set to 1 if you want to ignore search form results for this shortcode.

enable_search=1 (or =0). Default is 0. Set to 1 if you want to display the search form above the listings navbar.

search_type-see [es_search_form] - search_type

enable_ajax-0 (or =1). Enable ajax search.

view_all_page_id - Page ID for view_all_link_name button.

view_all_link_name - 'View all' button label.

hfm_full_width - calculates half-map layout width using javascript. Ignore all markup around hfm. Uses for page builder pages.

fields_delimiter - Delimiter symbol for multiple values of property field. Comma (,) by default. If fields_delimiter=’*’ then custom_field=”value1*value2*value3”

[es_my_listing is_open_house=1] - to show open houses (Premium version)

[es_my_listing min_price="50000" max_price="200000"] - to show listings within specific price range