Request Form [es_request_form]

This shortcode displays Request form.


layout=sidebar (or section). Where the request form will be rendered

title - Form title

background - CSS background. background=”#263238” by default

color - Request form text color. Default is color=”#ffffff”

post_id - Property ID to request

recipient_type=1 (or -1, or 2, or 3).
1 - Send to admin
2 - Send to admin and agents
3 - Send to agents only
-1 - Other email

name - FROM NAME header

email - FROM EMAIL header

message - default request message

disable_tel=0 (or =1). By default the tel field is visible (0)

disable_nam=0 (or =1). By default the name field is visible (0)

custom_email - comma separated custom emails to send email. Uses with recipient_type=-1

disable_email=0 (or =1). By default the name field is visible (0)

subject - Email subject

button_text - Submit form button label