Upgrade to 4.0 steps

Please follow the steps below to upgrade your plugin version to 4.0 safely.

1. Make sure you have a complete backup before you proceed with update.
2. If you can see an Update notification in your website admin area - Plugins - just click on it and Update.
3. You will see a new menu item Migration in the plugin menu >>

Migration is a must for the correct upgrade as it not only transfers listings but it also replicates your plugin configuration as well.

4. If you pass migration smoothly you will be forwarded to your Properties page.
Now you can go on with Estatik 4.0 version.

P.S. Please note that you can get back to Estatik 3.x version even after upgrade. In order to use the previous version again, you need to deactivate/delete 4.0 version and activate 3.x version again.