1.To import properties to your website, first please download sample of CSV file from Estatik plugin. To do this, go to Estatik >> CSV Import and press Download sample button.

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2. Then open your CSV file with Excel and you will see how new properties should be added to the file.

To continue you can remove sample data and add your listings data in the same file.

How to include images into CSV file?

Images import is also possible as links to the files. You need to enter the links in the format e.g.  https://estatik.net/document/csv-import/csv_import_1-3/ in the column of the CSV file - Image

3. Save the file with the same format - *csv and return to Estatik >> CSV Import and Upload your CSV file.

If you did everything correctly you will see bar like this:

New listings will be displayed in Status you selected in your Listings page:

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