Custom Contact Field

Posted by admin

August 9, 2017

Estatik Fields Builder has also option to add fields for contact information, i.e. telephone, email, website fields. You can also assign them to any sections of the plugin.

1. Field name - your field label.

2. Type - select type of the field. If you need email type, click on Email in a drop-down list.

3. Page section/Admin tab - place your new custom field to appropriate section.

4. Mandatory - if you enable this option, the new custom field will be a required one.

5. Search support - activate it if you need to include this field to search tool.

6. CSV import - activate if the field must be included in CSV import template as well.

7. RETS support - do not touch it if you do not have Premium version installed!

8. Visible for - hide specific fields from specific users.