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December 20, 2017

1. Manual Import errors - no listings imported

If Estatik Premium version was installed and activated correctly, but when you try to import listings manually you get nothing, please make sure that you configured major fields (Property MLS ID) correctly. Check out our Documentation or please contact us and we will check that.

2. Error 401

If you have Error 401, please check if you entered your RETS credentials properly. 401 error means incorrect login/password.

3. Images for listings are not imported

If the images are shown for every listing, but they are not imported with all the other listing data, please disable htpasswd popup on your website. The script that uploads images gives the status 403 - unauthorized and the prevents images from importing.

4. Error "String could not be parsed as XML"

If RETS credentials are correct, but you still cannot connect to MLS server - the click on Connect button results in "String could not be parsed as XML" error, please, check curl version on the server. It should be 7.50 or higher, and the issue will be resolved.

5. Can not load resources and classes

If you have connected successfully but when you go to Fields Configuration there no resources can be loaded,


please contact your MLS provider with request to check your account permissions (you can refer to the error: GetMetadata' tried but no valid endpoint was found. Did you forget to Login()? ) or make sure that you do not have additional agent username and agent username password that should be entered in Advanced Settings:

5. Keep getting RETS Error: Miscellaneous Search Error

If you keep getting the error like above, please go to your RETS profile Advanced settings and switch on the option: Miscellaneous Search Error Fix ->

6.  Manual import error: Invalid Query Syntax. Missing or Empty [Query] Argument.

If Fields Configuration is done correctly, but Manual import results in the error "Invalid Query Syntax. Missing or Empty [Query] Argument.", please, try to mark one of configured fields as Filterable:

And then choose one or several values as filters for listings import: