How to submit a ticket

Posted by admin

June 15, 2020

Make sure you that you successfully added your website in your Subscriptions and enabled support. Once your support subscription is ordered, you can proceed with tickets submitting. Please, go to the section "Submit New Ticket" and fill the ticket form


1. Subject: add general question of the ticket.

2. Website URL: share a link to website page where the issue can be checked.

3. Priority: add your urgency assessment for created ticket.

4. Status: choose the stage of ticket review.

5. Website: select the site you added for support subscription from the drop-down list.

6. Product: choose Estatik product you have issues with.

7. Version: Estatik product version is selected automatically.

8. Text box: detailed description of the issue you faced. Please, give us as much information about the issue you faced as possible. Add screenshots as attachments, if needed.

Once the form is filled, please, click "Submit Your Ticket" button.

That's all! Your ticket is now available in "Tickets" section.