First off, we recommend to install and activate Loco Translate. Go to Plugins >> Add new and enter Loco Translate in Search field. Install and Activate it:

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Now you have Loco Translate plugin in your WordPress admin area. Select Plugins menu item and find Estatik plugin. In our case we have Estatik PRO installed:

When you click on Estatik PRO, you can see the list of properties that our plugin is translated into. Choose the language you need and click Edit:

All default fields that were available in the plugin instantly are included in language files and already translated. But custom fields that you add via Fields Builder should be added first to language files and then to be translated.
Let's check how we can translate these custom fields:


We need to go back to Loco Translate - Plugins - Estatik PRO and Edit Template:

Add your new custom fields labels there, one by one:

Don't forget to Save the template:

If you return to Plugins -> Estatik PRO -> Spanish -> Edit -> click on Sync button and you will find your new custom fields as untranslated:


Add your translation and Save the changes. You can add any custom fields and sections labels like that. Now we have all of them translated into Spanish:

Everything is translated except fields values! Their translations are added the same way we did with the fields. Edit language file template and add new values, add translation and save. Voila! We have them in Spanish as well:

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