How to use Estatik plugin with Elementor PRO

Posted by admin

February 20, 2021

1. Go to Saved Templates and create a new template for Estatik Single Property page.

2. Choose "Single Property" template type from the drop-down list and add title to your template.

3. Add "Post Content" widget to your template and any other widgets you need on a single property page. Note that “Post Content” widget is mandatory for a single property template.

4. Click "Save options" and choose "Display condition" settings:

Click "Add condition" and include "Property" value from the dropdown list. Click "Save&Close" button.

5. Click "Publish" to save your template

NOTE: Unlike Elementor free, Elementor PRO doesn't need manual template adding to each listing page. It will be picked automatically and applied to all Estatik single property pages.