Check a screenshot below and detailed explanation under it.

  1. 1. Powered link - Yes/No - You can switch off link Powered by which is published in the bottom of the page by default.


  1. 2. Listing publishing - Automatic/Manual. If it is set to Yes, it means that all listings that are added by Agent will be published automatically without Admin approval.


  1. 3. Number of listings per page = number of listings that you can see on the page.


  1. 4. Show price - Select No to hide the price.


  1. 5. Title/Address allows to select what you want to be placed on frontend in the title of the listing. Show Address - select No to hide the address.


  1. 6. Show Labels - leave it active or hide them.


  1. 7. Date Added field - can be switched off by this option. Date format - Select the one you want from drop-down field.


  1. 8. Theme Style - great option to adjust the plugin according to your theme style. Light for light skins and dark for dark ones.


  1. 9. Google Map API key - read here please.


  1. 10. Logo settings - it is LOGO image for admin login page, not your website.


This is how your General Settings of the plugin can be configured. Feel free to contact us if something still remains not clear.

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