Check the screenshots below and detailed explanation under them.

  1. 1. White label - You can remove Estatik logo and link Powered by which is published in the bottom of Estatik pages by default.
  2. 2. Powered by - switches off Powered by link on frontend.
  3. 3. Listings settings - select number of listings per page, change property slug URI, change default property name and define the way of publishing.
  1. 4. Show price - hide the price if necessary.
  1. 5. Disable Featured image - will remove featured image to avoid duplicating property main images.
  1. 6. Title/Address and Show/hide address field - you can select to show in the title of single property pageits address or title. Second option allows you to hide address at all if necessary
  1. 7. Enable Buyers - will activate Buyers registration and profiles when enabled.
  1. 8. Hide property top bar - need to remove the fixed tabs above the property image? Switch it on.
  1. 9. Enable Wishlists - adds heart icons on property boxes and Saved homes to Buyer's profiles.
  1. 10. Disable meta:og tags - disables meta tags
  1. 11. Labels settings - Do not need labels, switch them off.
  1. 12. Date added & Date format - Removes Date added field from single property page. Select appropriate date format
  1. 13. Theme Style - depending on your theme colors, select the best color style here.

14. GDPR compliance settings. Create pages and then assign them via drop-downs.

15. Show/hide Contact Agent tab - want to hide Agent tab, select No.

16. Login & register pages. If you didn't create it via demo setup, you can do that manually using Estatik Shortcodes.

17. Agent's listings page - is required to see all listings of specific agent. You can create it manually using shortcode [es_listing_agent name="agent username"] and select it in a drop-down.

18. Search results page - supposed to be created automatically during demo setup. If it is not, please create the page with shortcode [es_search] and select it here.

19. Google API keys - required for proper work of Google Maps and Request info form.

20. Admin & PDF logo image settings - once uploaded and saved, logo image will be displayed in PDF as well as admin login page.

This is how your General Settings of the plugin can be configured. Feel free to contact us if something still remains not clear.

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