Follow the steps below to create your multilingual WordPress real estate website using Estatik and Polylang plugins. To install and setup Polylang plugin, please go to Plugins >> Add new and enter Polylang in search field.
You'll find Polylang first in your search results. Click Install and then Activate it.

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After you'll be offered to run Polylang Setup Wizard, we recommend to run it and follow its steps.
Step 1. Add languages of your multilingual website and click Continue:

Step 2. We recommend to disable translation of Media. That's why we switched this option off and continued:

Step 3. Define the default language of your website. As ours is English, we selected English language there and continued:

So we can see all our languages there with English as the main one.

You will get the message that your home page is already in your language and that you're ready to work on your content!
P.S. If you accidentally skipped this step, you can always find Setup Wizard in Polylang Menu.