If you have version 2.4.0 and older and need to update it to Estatik Simple or Pro ver. 3.0. Please follow the isntructions below.

1.Make sure that you have the latest backup of your website. Make it if you haven't.

2. Deactivate and Delete the plugin via Plugins section in your admin area. Make sure that the plugin is deleted. If not, you will receive message that the folder 'estatik' already exists.

3. Install the new 3.0 version of the plugin downloaded on this website and activate it.

4. Once you activated new version, you will see new Migartion tab in the plugin settings. Click on Migrate button.

5. Migration process may take some time. It depends on how many listings and images you have. Please be patient and do not worry if it takes more time than you expected. If you have more than 50 listings and each has images, it may take 20-30 mins.

6. If the migration was completed successfully, you will see the page with all your listings:

7. Once migrated all listings will have no address in frontend and the map will not work until you add Google Maps API key in your new version plugin Settings.

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