Premium version options

Posted by admin

December 20, 2017

1. Free Theme Setup

We offer Trendy, Native or Project theme – one of them you can choose within Premium
Package and we will setup and configure the chosen theme so they will look like Trendy demo site, Native demo site or Project demo site.
Free Theme Setup doesn't include Estatik Premium version configuration. We offer documentation for that and also additional service which costs $98. You can find details here.

2. White label option

Premium version has a White label option. Read more about it here, please.

3. CRM option

There is no such option on our plugin and we do not offer integration with any of these plugins. Estatik has agents (users who registered to become agents and can submit listings via frontend), users (simple visitors) and admin.

4. Search function

With Estatik Premium you will be able to make search listings that were imported from your MLS provider using Estatik Search widget. So the search results will be based on MLS data.

5. Number of listings for import and update

There are no limitations in the quantity of listings for importing or updating in the plugin but WordPress itself can handle smoothly up to 5,000 listings. If there are more listings the website can become slower or show errors.

6. Synchronization

The amount of listings available for updating depends on how many listings you have. If you have thousands of listings and your server allows to update 5 listings per request (each 2 mins), it means that every hour you will get updated 150 listings or 1800 per day.