Properties like Pages and Posts should be translated as well, manually, one by one. But before that, you must enable Properties custom post type and Custom taxonomies in Polylang Settings. Go to Languages in your WordPress menu and click Settings:

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First click on Custom post custom types and Taxonomies and put a checkmark exactly like it's displayed on a screenshot:

Then click on Synchronization and do the same according to our screenshot:

After you are done, now you can start translating properties into other languages. Go to Estatik -> Properties and click on Edit link. In the Languages area on the right, click on + icon and translate property into selected language:



Do the same with other languages you have. You can check if all translations are added getting back to Properties and checking if you can see the same property in all 3 languages:

However taxonomy fields like - Status, Type, Category, etc are empty. The next paragraph will cover how you need to translate them as well.

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