RETS access & MLS providers

Posted by admin

December 20, 2017

Please, read the following notes carefully to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings!

1. RETS credentials

To obtain RETS credentials, you need to contact your MLS provider and figure out if they offer this type of integration or not and what must be done to get it. Please check other details about MLS integration service here.

2. RETS access

Estatik is not a vendor and we do not provide customers with RETS. That is why we write on our website that you should buy the Premium plugin only after you have RETS credentials. Usually it takes some time to obtain credentials. MLS also may charge for it. All of MLS providers fees are payable by customer.

3. MLS coverage

Estatik Premium covers any MLS provider, which offers organic integration via RETS and grants RETS credentials for that, and doesn't have any strict limitations (amount of requests per day etc.). It works via RETS connector which is a standard technology in any of these MLS.

4. Multiple MLS providers

You can enter and use several RETS profiles and enter credentials for each of them in Estatik Premium. But in this case you will need to make all configuration separately for every profile.

5. Usage on several websites

You can use Estatik Premium plugin on several websites and with different RETS credentials. There are no limitations for it.