Saved Searches

Posted by admin

September 11, 2018

There are simple steps you must follow to implement Save Search feature in Estatik plugin.

1. Add a check mark in the Estatik Search widget settings as displayed below:

The widget settings are available in Appearance>>Widgets.

2. Make sure you have created Search Results page with the shortcode [es_search].

3. Check if your Search Results page is assigned to the correct page in General Settings: Estatik>>Settings>>General>>Search page


4. If you did everything correctly, you will see Save Search button in the Search widget as well as Saved Searches tab in your profile.

5. If you add search box with a shortcode, add save_search_button="1" to it to activate the Save Search option.
Example: [es_search_form title="your title" layout="horizontal" fields="price,address" save_search_button="1"]