Here we provide a list of shortcodes that you can use when building your real estate website with Estatik Simple or Pro.

1. To create menus via pages, please enter shortcodes below into single page:

[es_my_listing] = All listings list

[es_agents] = All agents list

[es_featured_props] = Featured properties list

[es_latest_props] = Latest properties list

[es_cheapest_props] = Cheapest properties list

[es_profile] = Profile of agent page (for PRO only)

[es_prop_management] = Properties management (for PRO only)

[es_register] = Agents registration (for PRO only)

[es_login] = Log in page (for PRO only)

2. To create search results page please create the page with shortcode [es_search] and select the page in Search widget settings – drop-down Search.

search page_ in search widget

3. To create listings of specific category, type or status – use sample shortcodes below:

[es_category category="for sale"] = Properties for sale

[es_category type="house"] = List of houses

[es_category status="open"] = Properties open for sale/rent

4. Below are shortcodes for map view:

[es_property_map] = All properties (for PRO only)

[es_property_map type="for-rent"] = Properties for rent (for PRO only)

[es_property_map type="for-sale"] = Properties for sale (for PRO only)

[es_property_map prop_id="12, 24, 26"] = Specific properties (for PRO only)

5. To assign different layouts to different pages, please use shortcodes below:

[es_latest_props layout="table"]

[es_latest_props layout="list"]

[es_latest_props layout="2columns"]

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