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February 20, 2015

Here we provide a list of shortcodes that you can use when building your real estate website with Estatik Simple or Pro.

1. To create different pages, please enter shortcodes below into single page:

[es_my_listing] - a list of listings in a layout selected in the plugin settings (Settings >> Layouts)

[es_my_listing layout="list"] - list view

[es_my_listing layout="3_col"] - grid view

[es_my_listing layout="2_col"] - 2 columns view

[es_my_listing limit="3"] - shows 1,2,3...n listings without pagination

[es_single id='ID'] - single property page where ID is a listing ID

[es_my_listing sort="recent"] - displays recent listings first

[es_my_listing sort="oldest"] - displays oldest listings first

[es_my_listing sort="featured"] - displays featured listings first

[es_my_listing sort="title"] - displays listings in alphabetic order

[es_my_listing prop_id="1,2,5,6...n"] - displays specific listings

[es_my_listing category="category name"] - displays listings of selected category

[es_my_listing status="status name"] - displays listings of selected status

[es_my_listing type="type name"] - displays listings of selected type

[es_my_listing rent_period="rent period 1"] - displays listings with specified rent period

[es_my_listing show_filter=1/0] - displays listings with (1) or without (0) sorting filter

[es_my_listing show_open_house ="2"] - shows only Open House listings (Premium version)

[es_my_listing posts_per_page="3"] - in case if you do not use it, number of listings is taken from Settings

[es_my_listing address="address"] - address query string. For example: New York, 5th Ave.

[es_my_listing strict_address="address string"] - used with address attribute. If set to true – need to use full address string. For example - Prairie Trail, Crystal Lake, IL 60014, USA

[es_my_listing feature="feature"] - comma separated listing features

[es_my_listing amenities="amenity"] - comma separated listing amenities

[es_my_listing city="ID"] - ID of the city. You can get it in Data manager of the plugin admin area

[es_city city="city name"] (PRO)

[es_my_listing state="ID"] - ID of the state. You can get it in Data manager page

[es_state state="state name"] (PRO)

[es_my_listing neighborhood="ID"] - ID of the neighborhood. You can get it in Data manager page

[es_my_listing country="5"] - ID of the country. You can get it in Data manager page

[es_country country="country name"] (PRO)

[es_my_listing price_min="minimum price"] - minimum price to search for properties

[es_my_listing price_min="maximum price"] - maximum price to search for properties

[es_my_listing mls_class ="cross_property"] - show by RETS class system name (not class label)

[es_my_listing mls_resource ="property"] - show by RETS resource system name (not resource label)

[es_search] – displays search results.

[es_search layout="2_col"] - list, 2_col, 3_col

[es_search posts_per_page="3"] - number of listings to show per page

[es_search sort="open"] - see es_my_listing shortcode.

[es_search show_filter="1"] - 1 to show or 0 to hide. Default is 1

[es_features feature="a,b,c,d"] (PRO)





[es_property_field] – displays specific property field value

[es_property_field name="field name"] - field machine name

[es_property_field property_id="property_id"]

2. Below are shortcodes for Map view (PRO):

[es_search_map] - show searched listings on the map.

[es_property_map show="all"]

[es_property_map type="your type"]

[es_property_map category="your category"]

[es_property_map status="your status"]

[es_property_map rent_period="your period"]

[es_property_map limit=20]

[es_property_map prop_id="1,2,3,4,5"]

[es_property_map address="your address string"]

[es_property_map width/height="100px/50%"]

3. To create page with slideshow, please use the following shortcode (PRO):

[es_property_slideshow] - display listings carousel. Extends attributes from es_my_listing shortcode.

[es_property_slideshow show="all"]

[es_property_slideshow show_arrows=1/0] - where 1 - to show arrows, 0 - hide them

[es_property_slideshow limit="20"]

[es_property_slideshow slider effect="vertical/horizontal"]

[es_property_slideshow slides_to_show="3"]

[es_property_slideshow layout="vertical | horizontal"] - vertical | horizontal

[es_property_slideshow margin="margin"] - space around carousel wrapper in px.

[es_property_slideshow slides_to_show="3" show_arrows=0 agent_in="689,685,931,934,935,937"] - where ""689,685..." are agents IDs, allows to show listings of specific agents

all other attributes from the list with [es_my_listing]

5. To create lists with different labels, please use the following shortcode plus any other attributes applicable to [es_my_listing]

[es_my_listing labels="label"]

[es_labels label="label_name"]

6. Shortcodes for Agents and Subscriptions usage (PRO):

[es_agents] - all agents list

[es_listing_agent name="agent username"] - listings of specific agent

[es_my_listing agent_in="1,2,3,4,5"] - listings of several agents, where "agent_in" are agents' IDs

[es_agent_field] – display specific agent field value

[es_agent_field name="field name"] - field machine name

[es_agent_field agent_id="agent_id" name="field name"] - specific agent fields (Premium)

[es_subscription_table] - table with subscriptions

[es_register] - register form

[es_login] - display login form

[es_reset_pwd] - reset user password form

[es_prop_management] - frontend management

[es_profile] – displays user profile

[es_subscription_paypal_response_page] - displays PayPal Thank You message after PayPal checkout process

[es_subscription_table] – displays subscription plans with checkout process

8. To show listings filtered by a specific parameter, e.g. custom field created via Fields Builder, please use the shortcode:

[es_my_listing my_fb_field="value"] where "my_fb_field" - your custom field system name and "value" - its value.

For example, if you have a custom field Style (with machine name: style1507203039f59d617dfe49da - which you can find in Fields Builder), your shortcode should be:

[es_my_listing style1507203039f59d617dfe49da="new"], where "new" is one of Style field values.