Before creating plans, please configure Subscriptions. Otherwise you will never get it working correctly.

1. Select if you want to approve listings yourself or make this process automatic.


2. Select currency for subscriptions. Please note that default currency for listings price and price for subscriptions can differ and you need to configure both of them.

In case if you do not find the currency you need, contact us and we will help you to add it via the code.


3. Please select and assign correct pages for registration page, management page and table page, i.e. you should have pages with shortcodes – [es_register], [es_prop_management], [es_subscription_table].


4. Next step is to check and edit the text for email that Agent receives when his subscription plan is over.


5. Finally configure PayPal settings – select type that you are using, mode if you are testing or using in live mode and your PayPal email.


In case if you did everything correct but Subscriptions do not work like they should, please watch our video tutorial as well or contact us directly and we will help you.

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