To activate and use Subscription features, please make sure that you have registered Advanced PayPal Payments account.

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Please check screenshot below and its detailed explanation under it.

  1. 1. Enable Subscription. By default this option is set to No. That means that every User who registered as Agent is allowed to submit his listings right away. If you change it to YES, website will require Agent to choose and subscribe to one of Subscription Plans.


  1. 2. Subscription Expired Subject.  Please write there Subject that is most appropriate for you.


3. Subscription Expired Message. Here you can see the default message about expiration of subscription plan. You can edit it according to your requirements.


4. PayPal Subscription Settings. 

PayPal Mode - select Sandbox Test mode or Live mode.

To test it before launching, please log in here >>  and create Test account. Then you need to click on Profile of your Business test account:

Popup window will show you required credentials in API Credentials tab for filling up fields in admin settings / Business credentials:

Thus you will have this information in your Subscription test mode settings:

Once you configured admin area, to test payment procedure, please enter Buyer credentials from your sandbox account when you will be redirected to PayPal page:

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