Agents registration

There are two options to register agents: they can register themselves right on your website and admin can register them via admin area of the website.

Option 1. Register on site


First, make sure that you created page with shortcodes [es_register], [es_prop_management], [es_login]. When opening page Register, i.e. [es_register] you will get the form that you or agent must fill in to complete registration.

Once you registered, email with Password generation link will be sent to your email box. When you click on it, you will be offered to generate the password like it is displayed below:


When your password is successfully created, now you can go to Login page and enter your credentials to log in.

Option 2. Add agents via admin area


Enter your website admin area and click on Add new agent.

if you can see the message llike below, it means you did everything correctly and you will receive email about new registration as well as agent will receive email with credentials.

You can see new agent in the list of your other agents:

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Frontend management

Once you logged in, you can add your listings:

Add listing information and click Save button. Please note that such drop-down lists like Types, Categories, Status can not be edited via frontend, but Features and Amenities can be added like displayed below:

Or you can select the one from the list:

Via frontend management agents can also add address, upload images and add video. Agents can view their listings and edit them:


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