Before installing Theme, please make sure that you have already installed Estatik Pro or Simple plugin version. Native theme as well as any other Estatik themes do not include all functionality that can be viewed on demo site.

Please check this documentation guide to make plugin installation correctly.

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Estatik Theme installation procedure doesn’t differ from any other theme installations and starts from Appearance >> Themes. Please click on Add new button to install theme. Select zip file that you downloaded and click Upload.
wordpress theme install
Activate theme as it is displayed on screenshot below:

You will see Native theme among others WordPress themes installed on your website:

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Bottom menus

Once you installed Theme Native, all menus were automated created. You can find them in Appearance >> Menus.


Create pages so you could assign them to appropriate menu. For instance, we create two pages - Who we are and What our customers say about us. Then we find them in Appearance >> Menus >> Pages and click Assign to menu About us.

Check steps at screenshots below:pages


Visit Site and you will see your new menu ready. Do same to configure the rest of menus.


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Other section contains additional settings for bottom menus and news in sidebar.


1. Hot property, Become an agent, Latest news - select pages where you want to show/hide these items. Check here how to create/edit menu items for these menus.

2. About us, For buyers, For advertisers, Real Estate News - here you can also select pages where show/hide these menus. Check here how to create/edit menu items for these menus.

3. Theme links - put links to all news and only for pro texts.

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We have included banners upload in Theme management panel. Please view screenshot below to check where you can upload your banners.

1. Hot property - please enter property ID number to show it in Hot property area. IDs can be found in Estatik plugin >> My listings (1st column of list).

2. Become an agent banner - upload your image and enter text you want to be displayed there. Do not forget to insert link for Learn more button.

3. Banner image - is a background image on top sidebar for search tool. The original image has size 1 280px × 501px and we advise to save this size to make it look good.

4. Agent page banners - are two banners that can be added to Agents page. Also, please check sizes that would be the best ones for this place.

5. Single page banner - add advertising image to your property single page via this option.

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Meta info

To make your website more visible to search engines please use these meta fields with meta description and key words. Enter meta information that you think is necessary there.


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Social sharing

Here you can add links to your accounts in social sharing networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +) as well as upload your custom icons.



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General Settings

Configuration of Estatik theme is very simple and is not overloaded with numerous settings. Anyway our documentation will clear out every step of using it.

First tab of settings in Theme is General Settings where you can upload logo, favicon, telephone number and apply custom CSS.

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