How can I get custom changes repeated?

In a case you have deleted all the custom modifications and would like to restore it, you will also have to repeat the payment as we don't have any copies on our serverĀ and will have to do it again from the very beginning. The copy of customized plugin can be saved only in case of preliminary arrangement.

Please, do make backup of your website before and after customization is done.

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PDF is not working

If you click on PDF button and it says that file is corrupted or opens nothing, please make sure that you have pdf lib installed at your host provider and php version is 5.3.x and higher.

If PDF still doesn't work and logs show the following error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function Dompdf\mb_internal_encoding() in...

Contact your hosting provider and check if PHP extension php_mbstring enabled on your server.

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Does it work with any WP theme?

We didn't test it with all WordPress themes that are available in the Internet but we did test it with many themes developed under WordPress guidelines and can confirm that the plugin and its widgets will work smoothly on them.

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Listings not published

If agents have added properties, they will be not published at once. Listings will stay unpublished until Admin who receives email with the link to the listings, will approve and publish it.

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Listing cannot be updated

If you click on Update button and nothing happens, please, check if you have marked any of custom fields in Fields Builder as Mandatory:

Plugin won't let to save the listing till the Mandatory field is filled.

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