Properties Settings

Portal Theme includes listings display settings as well. You can select default layout for listings (grid/list), the type of grid (2 or 3 per row) and disable sidebar. Please note that Sidebar disable option works only with pages created with template Listings Page.

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When you enable the options below, you get additional filters on top of your listings:

admin side:

frontend side:

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Footer Settings

In Footer Settings you can change the color of footer background, text, links and footer layout.
Also here you can change Copyright text as well.

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Header Settings

Below let us describe every option in Header Settings.

1. Blog Name Color - adjust or brand your blog using this feature. You can change default black titles to another color.

2. Blog name font size - change the default value if you want to make it smaller or bigger.

3. Sticky header - great popular feature that allows you to fix the menu to the top of your web page.

4. Transparent Homepage Header - is a nice tricky feature from our designer. Just try it out and leave it enabled if you like.

5. Spaces under/ above / between links - additional settings for your menu items, you can adjust spaces between them as you need.

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Color Settings

To change a default color of theme, just click on Select Color button and see the entire color palette. Choose the color you like.

Again, do not forget to Save your changes.

If you changed your mind and want to restore it back, click on Default button and theme will be in green color again:

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Logo & favicon upload

Once you have installed and activated Theme Portal you will see Estatik icon in your admin panel. Click on it to open General Settings of the theme.
There you will see Logo and favicon upload buttons.

You can setup height and width for logo image. Click Save to save your changes.

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