Preparation (Portal Theme)

Before you install Theme Portal or any other Estatik WordPress real estate theme, make sure that you have installed required plugins, i.e. Estatik Simple or Estatik PRO or Estatik Premium. Without Estatik plugins, Portal Theme will not have complete functionality you can see at Portal Theme demo website.

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You will be also required to install SiteOrigin Page Builder and Widgets Bundle plugin which is free and also required plugin to use Theme Portal. This plugins are free and can be downloaded at plugins directory.

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Installation Procedure

Please open your admin area and go to Appearance - Themes. Click on Upload button:



Select zip file that you downloaded after purchase and press Install button.

Activate it. You will Estatik Portal Theme Icon in your admin panel.

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Required & recommended plugins (Portal Theme)

Once you activated Theme Portal, you will see a message to install and activate required and recommended plugins. See it below:

We recommend to click on Begin installing plugins to do everything correct. Plugin One Click Demo import is required to make quick demo setup. If you do not need demo content, you can omit it.

Then make sure you activate every of them.

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Demo Content Setup

Now when all plugins are successfully installed and activated, you can move forward with demo content setup. Please open Plugins -> Import Demo Data plugin.

Press the button Import Demo Data and wait. Demo content and theme configuration import takes some time - up to several minutes. Be patient please.

If you can see the message below, it means you have done everything absolutely correct and now you have ready-to-use website looking like Theme Portal Demo.

If you still have some issues, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will help as soon as possible.

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