Bottom menus

Once you installed Theme Native, all menus were automated created. You can find them in Appearance >> Menus.


Create pages so you could assign them to appropriate menu. For instance, we create two pages - Who we are and What our customers say about us. Then we find them in Appearance >> Menus >> Pages and click Assign to menu About us.

Check steps at screenshots below:pages


Visit Site and you will see your new menu ready. Do same to configure the rest of menus.


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Real Estate News

This part of theme is configured almost in the same way like previous ones.

First you need to add news in News section of your website.

newsThen just check on what pages you want they should be displayed. Do it via Appearance >> Theme Native >> Other.

Please note that only 3 latest news is displayed in bottom menu.

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View first menu

1. To create sorting View first, you should create pages Cheapest, Featured, Latest with the help of shortcodes first and then to assign these pages to menu View first - selected from menus list in Appearance >> Menus. Please check screenshots below:


2. Please check that pages with View firts menu items are assigned to correct theme template: Estatik listing or Estatik specific props.


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