Support coverage

1. Support coverage

Estatik Support includes Mon-Fri email and chat support. We do not provide support via phone or other devices.

What we do:
* help to figure out any issues with incorrect configuration of the Estatik plugin
* help to figure out conflicts with themes
* provide you with documentation and video tutorials
* advice as for the server requirements and issues connected with it.

What we do not:
* we do not contact MLS directly to figure out your questions regarding RETS credentials or any others.
* we do not contact your hosting provider directly. We can tell you what you must ask about or request from hosting tech support.
* we do not setup cron on your server until you ordered paid setup service. You do it yourself using our documentation.

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Returns & Trials

1. Trials and refunds

We can offer returns only in case if you are not able to connect to your MLS server and we are not able to figure it out. You are required to contact support and describe the issues you experience before demanding refund. Only in case if our team is not possible to solve the issues or get it work as it is presented in our documentation and demo, we may provide you with refund.
We do not offer returns for reasons like:
“I thought it comes with RETS credentials already”
“I thought you are a Vendor and will give me credentilas”
“I changed my mind and switched to another plugin”
“Sorry but it works in other way than I imagined”
“It shows some errors , please return my monney back”, etc.
We also do not offer trials.

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1. Manual Import errors - no listings imported

If Estatik Premium version was installed and activated correctly, but when you try to import listings manually you get nothing, please make sure that you configured major fields (Property MLS ID) correctly. Check out our Documentation or please contact us and we will check that.

2. Error 401

If you have Error 401, please check if you entered your RETS credentials properly. 401 error means incorrect login/password.

3. Images for listings are not imported

If the images are shown for every listing, but they are not imported with all the other listing data, please disable htpasswd popup on your website. The script that uploads images gives the status 403 - unauthorized and the prevents images from importing.

4. Error "String could not be parsed as XML"

If RETS credentials are correct, but you still cannot connect to MLS server - the click on Connect button results in "String could not be parsed as XML" error, please, check curl version on the server. It should be 7.50 or higher, and the issue will be resolved.

5. Can not load resources and classes

If you have connected successfully but when you go to Fields Configuration there no resources can be loaded,


please contact your MLS provider with request to check your account permissions (you can refer to the error: GetMetadata' tried but no valid endpoint was found. Did you forget to Login()? ) or make sure that you do not have additional agent username and agent username password that should be entered in Advanced Settings:

5. Keep getting RETS Error: Miscellaneous Search Error

If you keep getting the error like above, please go to your RETS profile Advanced settings and switch on the option: Miscellaneous Search Error Fix ->

6.  Manual import error: Invalid Query Syntax. Missing or Empty [Query] Argument.

If Fields Configuration is done correctly, but Manual import results in the error "Invalid Query Syntax. Missing or Empty [Query] Argument.", please, try to mark one of configured fields as Filterable:

And then choose one or several values as filters for listings import:


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Premium version options

1. Free Theme Setup

We offer Trendy, Native or Project theme – one of them you can choose within Premium
Package and we will setup and configure the chosen theme so they will look like Trendy demo site, Native demo site or Project demo site.
Free Theme Setup doesn't include Estatik Premium version configuration. We offer documentation for that and also additional service which costs $98. You can find details here.

2. White label option

Premium version has a White label option. Read more about it here, please.

3. CRM option

There is no such option on our plugin and we do not offer integration with any of these plugins. Estatik has agents (users who registered to become agents and can submit listings via frontend), users (simple visitors) and admin.

4. Search function

With Estatik Premium you will be able to make search listings that were imported from your MLS provider using Estatik Search widget. So the search results will be based on MLS data.

5. Number of listings for import and update

There are no limitations in the quantity of listings for importing or updating in the plugin but WordPress itself can handle smoothly up to 5,000 listings. If there are more listings the website can become slower or show errors.

6. Synchronization

The amount of listings available for updating depends on how many listings you have. If you have thousands of listings and your server allows to update 5 listings per request (each 2 mins), it means that every hour you will get updated 150 listings or 1800 per day.

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Customer’s payments

1. Payment for Estatik Premium version

$489 is one-time payment for the plugin and free updates and support for 1 year. Once the first year has passed, you still can use the plugin but do not longer receive free updates and support until you prolong your subscription. The renewal price for subscription is $299.

2. Additional or hidden costs

There are no hidden payments. We can offer your Setup service for $98.
Please note that Estatik is not responsible for any costs charged by your MLS provider for granting RETS credentials.

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RETS access & MLS providers

Please, read the following notes carefully to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings!

1. RETS credentials

To obtain RETS credentials, you need to contact your MLS provider and figure out if they offer this type of integration or not and what must be done to get it. Please check other details about MLS integration service here.

2. RETS access

Estatik is not a vendor and we do not provide customers with RETS. That is why we write on our website that you should buy the Premium plugin only after you have RETS credentials. Usually it takes some time to obtain credentials. MLS also may charge for it. All of MLS providers fees are payable by customer.

3. MLS coverage

Estatik Premium covers any MLS provider, which offers organic integration via RETS and grants RETS credentials for that, and doesn't have any strict limitations (amount of requests per day etc.). It works via RETS connector which is a standard technology in any of these MLS.

4. Multiple MLS providers

You can enter and use several RETS profiles and enter credentials for each of them in Estatik Premium. But in this case you will need to make all configuration separately for every profile.

5. Usage on several websites

You can use Estatik Premium plugin on several websites and with different RETS credentials. There are no limitations for it.

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