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Listing URL setup

Listing URL consists of a customizable slug URI ‘/property’ and a listing title. Default slug ‘/property’ can be changed in the plugin Settings: Listing Title can be setup when configuring MLS fields. You need to assign necessary fields that you want to be displayed in listing URL in appropriate order. If you did everything properly, […]

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July 25, 2018

Setup options

Setup of Estatik Premium version is mostly the same as the one of Estatik Pro. Premium version has a White label option, which can be found in Estatik>>Settings>>General Enable it to remove Estatik logo and Powered by link from all Estatik pages.

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February 9, 2018

How to switch from one MLS profile to another?

To connect to another MLS provider (RETS profile), you need to disconnect from the one to which you are connected currently. Please check our screenshot below: Please note that you have to configure the MLS fields separately for every single profile.

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December 26, 2017

How to connect to several RETS profiles

Please make sure that you have all necessary credentials, i.e. rets url, username and password. Then go to MLS RETS Import -> General and enter your first profile credentials. Once you save it, you will be able to connect it or to add your second profile credentials. All profiles will be displayed on the right […]

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Support coverage

1. Support coverage Estatik Support includes Mon-Fri email and chat support. We do not provide support via phone or other devices. What we do: * help to figure out any issues with incorrect configuration of the Estatik plugin * help to figure out conflicts with themes * provide you with documentation and video tutorials * […]

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December 20, 2017

Returns & Trials

1. Trials and refunds We can offer returns only in case if you are not able to connect to your MLS server and we are not able to figure it out. You are required to contact support and describe the issues you experience before demanding refund. Only in case if our team is not possible […]

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1. Manual Import errors – no listings imported If Estatik Premium version was installed and activated correctly, but when you try to import listings manually you get nothing, please make sure that you configured major fields (Property MLS ID) correctly. Check out our Documentation or please contact us and we will check that. 2. Error 401 […]

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Premium version options

1. Free Theme Setup We offer Trendy, Native or Project theme – one of them you can choose within Premium Package and we will setup and configure the chosen theme so they will look like Trendy demo site, Native demo site or Project demo site. Free Theme Setup doesn’t include Estatik Premium version configuration. We […]

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Customer's payments

1. Payment for Estatik Premium version $489 is one-time payment for the plugin and free updates and support for 1 year. Once the first year has passed, you still can use the plugin but do not longer receive free updates and support until you prolong your subscription. The renewal price for subscription is $299. 2. […]

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RETS access & MLS providers

Please, read the following notes carefully to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings! 1. RETS credentials To obtain RETS credentials, you need to contact your MLS provider and figure out if they offer this type of integration or not and what must be done to get it. Please check other details about MLS integration service here. 2. […]

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