Setup options

Setup of Estatik Premium version is mostly the same as the one of Estatik Pro.
Premium version has a White label option, which can be found in Estatik>>Settings>>General

Enable it to remove Estatik logo and Powered by link from all Estatik pages.

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Connection Errors

If you have got Setup error like displayed below which says - You are not connected to the MLS server -->


you need to check the following:

    * Your server PHP version is 5.5 or higher
    * Your server have extension curl installed
    * You have the latest version of Estatik Premium Version
    * You have entered user agent name and password in Advanced Settings (required for some cases, please check screenshot below)

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    Connection to RETS

    If all steps above were done successfully, now you need to connect to your MLS account using RETS credentials that your MLS provider granted you.

    Go to MLS RETS Import area of the Estatik plugin, enter your RETS link, username and password. Click Save and Connect.

    estatik rets

    This basic settings usually enough for connection. Do not touch Advanced link. The Advanced settings are mostly for Estatik Support team.

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    Fields Configuration

    Once connected to MLS via RETS, additional tabs will become available. Please click on second tab - Fields configuration. Here you need to select resource, class and entity values in drop-down lists.

    Important: Fields maping is the most important part of the plugin configuration. Please do not hurry up with it and do everything carefully. 

    If you map MLS fields to the wrong Estatik field and will make import, these fields will be imported wrong and as result you will not find he required information about property. So please follow our instructions or order additional service and we will set it up for you.

    When we need to import properties, we select Resource: property. Field Classes will provide us with a list of property types - Residential, Lots/Land/Farm, Multi-Family, Commercial.



    It is important to select the required fields as different class will give you different list of fields. Let's select Residential class and Entity - Property.

    Click Submit button. You will get a drop-down list of MLS fields available for the Resource Property, and class Residential. Use quick access search and type the fields. Please note that the MLS fields can be named differently and if you are uncertain whether you need this field or not, omit it and do not add. There can be numerous empty fields and it is not necessary to add them to your website.

    So you need to add MLS field and map it to Estatik field like displayed below:

    Below is the list of most common MLS fields and corresponding Estatik fields:

    MLS field = Estatik field:

    MLS number = Property MLSID

    Building Name = Title

    MLS Number = Large photo & Images

    Current price = Price

    Beds Total = Bedrooms

    Baths Full = Bathrooms

    Public Remarks = Description

    Sqft Total = Area

    Lot Size Area = Lot size

    Foreign Country Or State = Country

    State Or Province = State

    City = City

    Amenities = Amenities

    Property Type = Type

    Status = Status .. etc.

    Please note that there are some crucial fields that must be assigned correctly. They are - MLS Number - without it being properly assigned as indicated above, you will not be able to make import properly.

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    New fields & sections

    There can be hundreds of fields on MLS side and sure that there is no such fields in the plugin. But there is no problem to add them. With Fields Builder you can add as many fields and sections as you need.

    Please check Fields Builder guide first. Once you add the new fields, they will be all displayed in the drop-down list in Fields Configuration >>

    First add new fields via Fields Builder, create new sections first, e.g. Interior Features, Exterior Features, School Information, etc.

    Once you add new fields, you will find them in the drop-down list of the plugin in MLS RETS Import >> Fields Configuration >>

    You can always get back to Fields Builder and edit any field or section, as well as add any new ones.

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    When configuring fields for specific Property Class, please put a check mark if you want to narrow the import and pull out only specific listings.

     If you make some fields filterable, you will be able to configure filters in Import pages (Manual Import or Automatic Import) like displayed below:


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    Listing URL setup

    Listing URL consists of a customizable slug URI '/property' and a listing title. Default slug '/property' can be changed in the plugin Settings:


    Listing Title can be setup when configuring MLS fields. You need to assign necessary fields that you want to be displayed in listing URL in appropriate order.

    If you did everything properly, you will see listings with correct titles:

    and consequently listing page URL will be framed as you required:


    If you do not want to show Listing Title on frontend and leave it only in URL, please make sure that you selected Address in plugin Settings for the field Title/Address:


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