Property boxes

With our Estatik ver. 3.11.0 and higher you display your custom fields into property boxes in both vertical and horizontal layouts. You can find a new settings tab named Property box in plugin settings:

Just hit Add new and select any field from a drop-down list. To add icon just upload icons to your Media library first and then enter the link to the icon in the field Icon URL.

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CSV import of Fields Builder new fields

To include into CSV file your newly created fields from Fields Builder, please make sure that you enabled CSV Import support for this specific field. You can check it in Fields Builder section:

Then go to CSV import and Download Sample file. Add your new fields to the file like any other default fields (status, category, price, etc..)

Do not forget to add this field for import. Click and find it in Choose Import Fields drop-down list. Please check screenshot below:

Save in the same csv format and proceed with import like it is described below.

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CSV import of Listings with Images

1.To import properties to your website, first please download sample of CSV file from Estatik plugin. To do this, go to Estatik >> CSV Import and press Download sample button.

2. Then open your CSV file with Excel and you will see how new properties should be added to the file.

To continue you can remove sample data and add your listings data in the same file.

How to include images into CSV file?

Images import is also possible as links to the files. You need to enter the links in the format e.g. in the column of the CSV file - Image

3. Save the file with the same format - *csv and return to Estatik >> CSV Import and Upload your CSV file.

If you did everything correctly you will see bar like this:

New listings will be displayed in Status you selected in your Listings page:

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Create map view

To add map to the page with listings, you should create page with corresponding shortcode.

To configure the map, please go to Settings of the plugin -> Map and select required value in drop-down first:

Then you can select the option for category/type/status, etc. and set up icons like you like most:

Under map icons, you can configure width and height of the map as well as the number of listings.

In case if you did everything correct but nothing displays, please make sure that you have entered Google Map API key in Settings.

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Here we provide a list of shortcodes that you can use when building your real estate website with Estatik Simple or Pro.

1. To create different pages, please enter shortcodes below into single page:

[es_my_listing] - a list of listings in a layout selected in the plugin settings (Settings >> Layouts)

[es_my_listing layout="list"] - list view

[es_my_listing layout="3_col"] - grid view

[es_my_listing layout="2_col"] - 2 columns view

[es_my_listing limit="3"] - shows 1,2,3...n listings without pagination

[es_single id='ID'] - single property page where ID is a listing ID

[es_my_listing sort="recent"] - displays recent listings first

[es_my_listing sort="oldest"] - displays oldest listings first

[es_my_listing sort="featured"] - displays featured listings first

[es_my_listing sort="title"] - displays listings in alphabetic order

[es_my_listing prop_id="1,2,5,6...n"] - displays specific listings

[es_my_listing category="category name"] - displays listings of selected category

[es_my_listing status="status name"] - displays listings of selected status

[es_my_listing type="type name"] - displays listings of selected type

[es_my_listing rent_period="rent period 1"] - displays listings with specified rent period

[es_my_listing show_filter=1/0] - displays listings with (1) or without (0) sorting filter

[es_my_listing show_open_house ="2"] - shows only Open House listings (Premium version)

[es_my_listing posts_per_page="3"] - in case if you do not use it, number of listings is taken from Settings

[es_my_listing address="address"] - address query string. For example: New York, 5th Ave.

[es_my_listing strict_address="address string"] - used with address attribute. If set to true – need to use full address string. For example - Prairie Trail, Crystal Lake, IL 60014, USA

[es_my_listing feature="feature"] - comma separated listing features

[es_my_listing amenities="amenity"] - comma separated listing amenities

[es_my_listing city="ID"] - ID of the city. You can get it in Data manager of the plugin admin area

[es_city city="city name"] (PRO)

[es_my_listing state="ID"] - ID of the state. You can get it in Data manager page

[es_state state="state name"] (PRO)

[es_my_listing neighborhood="ID"] - ID of the neighborhood. You can get it in Data manager page

[es_my_listing country="5"] - ID of the country. You can get it in Data manager page

[es_country country="country name"] (PRO)

[es_my_listing price_min="minimum price"] - minimum price to search for properties

[es_my_listing price_min="maximum price"] - maximum price to search for properties

[es_my_listing mls_class ="cross_property"] - show by RETS class system name (not class label)

[es_my_listing mls_resource ="property"] - show by RETS resource system name (not resource label)

[es_search] – displays search results.

[es_search layout="2_col"] - list, 2_col, 3_col

[es_search posts_per_page="3"] - number of listings to show per page

[es_search sort="open"] - see es_my_listing shortcode.

[es_search show_filter="1"] - 1 to show or 0 to hide. Default is 1

[es_features feature="a,b,c,d"] (PRO)





[es_property_field] – displays specific property field value

[es_property_field name="field name"] - field machine name

[es_property_field property_id="property_id"]

2. Below are shortcodes for Map view (PRO):

[es_search_map] - show searched listings on the map.

[es_property_map show="all"]

[es_property_map type="your type"]

[es_property_map category="your category"]

[es_property_map status="your status"]

[es_property_map rent_period="your period"]

[es_property_map limit=20]

[es_property_map prop_id="1,2,3,4,5"]

[es_property_map address="your address string"]

[es_property_map width/height="100px/50%"]

3. To create page with slideshow, please use the following shortcode (PRO):

[es_property_slideshow] - display listings carousel. Extends attributes from es_my_listing shortcode.

[es_property_slideshow show="all"]

[es_property_slideshow show_arrows=1/0] - where 1 - to show arrows, 0 - hide them

[es_property_slideshow limit="20"]

[es_property_slideshow slider effect="vertical/horizontal"]

[es_property_slideshow slides_to_show="3"]

[es_property_slideshow layout="vertical | horizontal"] - vertical | horizontal

[es_property_slideshow margin="margin"] - space around carousel wrapper in px.

[es_property_slideshow slides_to_show="3" show_arrows=0 agent_in="689,685,931,934,935,937"] - where ""689,685..." are agents IDs, allows to show listings of specific agents

all other attributes from the list with [es_my_listing]

5. To create lists with different labels, please use the following shortcode plus any other attributes applicable to [es_my_listing]

[es_my_listing labels="label"]

[es_labels label="label_name"]

6. Shortcodes for Agents and Subscriptions usage (PRO):

[es_agents] - all agents list

[es_listing_agent name="agent username"] - listings of specific agent

[es_my_listing agent_in="1,2,3,4,5"] - listings of several agents, where "agent_in" are agents' IDs

[es_agent_field] – display specific agent field value

[es_agent_field name="field name"] - field machine name

[es_agent_field agent_id="agent_id" name="field name"] - specific agent fields (Premium)

[es_subscription_table] - table with subscriptions

[es_register] - register form

[es_login] - display login form

[es_reset_pwd] - reset user password form

[es_prop_management] - frontend management

[es_profile] – displays user profile

[es_subscription_paypal_response_page] - displays PayPal Thank You message after PayPal checkout process

[es_subscription_table] – displays subscription plans with checkout process

8. To show listings filtered by a specific parameter, e.g. custom field created via Fields Builder, please use the shortcode:

[es_my_listing my_fb_field="value"] where "my_fb_field" - your custom field system name and "value" - its value.

For example, if you have a custom field Style (with machine name: style1507203039f59d617dfe49da - which you can find in Fields Builder), your shortcode should be:

[es_my_listing style1507203039f59d617dfe49da="new"], where "new" is one of Style field values.

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Adding properties

To add new property, go to Estatik plugin >> Add new property.

Enter title of the listing and description. Then go to the bottom and check Basic info, Media and Address tabs:

Address tab will show the listing location in the frontend.

To upload images, first upload it to Media > Library and select them. Also, you can drag and drop images to change their order in frontend. The first image will be used as a listing box image.

To add video, please enter the code like displayed on screenshot. Video will be shown in Video tab.

Do not forget to Publish or Save draft before closing the page.

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Menu setup

With Estatik plugin you can assign to separate menus properties of different categories, types, statuses, single properties, featured/latest/cheapest properties, all agents, agent profile, properties management panel.

Make sure that you have your screen options configured right - check mark Properties, Property categories, types, statuses.

To do it succesfully, please open Appearance >> Menus, choose menu which you want to configure and select from the left column page, property, category, type, or status you want to assign to menu item.


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Adding video

To add video to Estatik Pro, please open your wp-admin and go to Estatik >> Add new property >> Media.

There you should enter the embed code of your video which you can get on website from your video provider.


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