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How to add Testimonials widget?

First, please add testimonials itself. Please go to Testimonials and press Add new: Fill in the fields with title, testimonial text and author detail. Do not forget to save it. Add as many as you need in the same way. Get back to widgets and add Testimonials widget to Bottom Wide sidebar:

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June 14, 2017

How to setup Join us widget?

First, create the page for this block. Go to pages and add new page. Then get back to Appearance >> Widgets and add widget Join us to Bottom Wide Sidebar: Select background image and setup Show on pages filter. Click Save.

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How to setup Why choose us widget?

To set up this widget, please go to Appearance >> Widgets and add widget to sidebar – Bottom Wide Sidebar. Then please Select background image and assign pages that you want to be displayed in the widget. Click Save to save the changes.

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Available widgets

Theme Trendy goes with the following widgets: Trendy Banners, Trendy Contact Map, Trendy Contact Info, Trendy Join Us, Trendy Offer of the Week, Trendy Latest News, Trendy Testimonials, Trendy Why Choose Us. Screenshots below will show each widget place:

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