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Map search

All search results can be shown on map. You can place the search box either to the top of the page or to sidebar as widget.

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April 6, 2018

Map search with shortcode

If you want to display map and search tools on one page, you will need to place two shortcodes on the page: one is for search and another is for search results on map 1 Shortcode for search It should include search form layout, required filters and Page ID of the page you place the […]

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Map search with widget

To add map where all search results will be displayed just one shortcode is needed – [es_search_map] Estatik Search widget should be added in a usual way, with all the settings like Search Title, widget Layout and Search Fields. The page with map search should be checked as a page for widget to be shown […]

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Request form

Together with Estatik Pro plugin Request form widget is installed as well. You can find it in Appearance >> Widgets in Available widgets area. Drag and drop it to the required Sidebar and configure its settings: title, request message and receiver options. Messages from Estatik Request form can be sent to Admin, Agent or Admin&Agent. […]

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February 25, 2015


Slideshow widget is installed together with Estatik Pro plugin and can be found as well as Search in Appearance >> Widgets. Please drag it to the Sidebar you want it to be displayed and configure options highlighted on a screenshot below: Click Save to save your settings.

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Once you installed Estatik Pro or Simple, you will get Search widget installed with it as well. To activate it, you need to drag widget from Available widgets area to Sidebar you want it to be displayed. Just go to Appearance >> Widgets and have a look at a screenshot bellow: To add searchable fields, […]

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