Effective Real Estate Branding. How to get started.

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July 5, 2021

How to stand out from a crowd and become a distinctive and memorable real estate agent? That's a good question.. and hard work. Branding is not easy but it is very important in real estate area. And if you're here and reading this post, you've finally got this. Let's discuss the basics of successful real estate branding and the first steps you should take to achieve the maximum impact.

According to Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO) there are over 3 million active real estate licensees in the United States today. The number of realtors is constantly rising which means you almost automatically lose if you don’t have your own identity and somehow don't set yourself apart from your competitors. This is where branding plays a key role. So let's start. This post covers the ways how to build your personal or business brand effectively and explains why you can benefit from it every day.

1. Identify your message

Identify what message you want to deliver to your clients. Brainstorm it. You can focus either on specific real estate niche (e.g. luxury properties) or on yourself as a personality. Think of what your customers would tell about you as an expert in real estate area. What kind of agent and person you are? Get this right. Ask people you trust about their first impression and entire experience to better understand your strengths and weaknesses. Thus in the end you will better understand what you should reconsider in your image or work process to create and then prove your mission that you'll be happy with.

2. Work on personal branding

Be authentic, genuine and consistent. These three words are keys to your successful brand. Brand authenticity can be discovered by your STORY, your PASSION and BELIEFS. If these core values match your clients' ones, you'll capture their hearts and minds forever.
Tell your audience why you are a real estate agent, why you think you are the best one and prove it every single day. Post true stories from your buyers. Be consistent and genuine. If you promised to call back or prepare an offer, fulfill your promises despite everything to obtain higher credibility and trust.
Reconsider and improve your image as well. Create visual continuity, e.g. use the same profile photo in your social media profiles. Think of some other visual elements that can create a stronger recognition of you. This can be specific clothes, makeup or hairstyle even.

3. Join social media

It goes without saying social media is the first marketing platform for any brand. The more you are online there, the better chances to get more leads are. If you are not there yet, just do it right away and create and promote your account on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. You have already them but feeling ashamed about how all they look like? Good news for you! Finally you can stop puzzling over its design, save your time and money using pre-made fully customizable templates. You really can get started with a smaller budget than you thought. Just check out Estatik Canva Realtor Instagram Bundle with 150+ easily customizable ready-to-use templates and make the best buy this year!

4. Create a real estate website

Nowadays the Internet is the place where most of the deals are made. Your personal real estate website is an excellent way to represent yourself as a real estate expert, to offer your services in a smart and fast way. You become closer to your audience around the clock. However basic features of a real estate website is not enough to stay on top. You must stand out there as well. Those agents who integrate their real estate websites with MLS, get more leads immediately due to automatically imported and updated listings. Estatik Premium covers organic MLS integration via RETS and RESO Web API. If you have a WordPress real estate website, this great pack will add a bunch of helpful features to it. Any questions or concerns? Feel free to drop us a message via Chat window or contact us page.
Hopefully these tips from our team will help you breathe life into your unique and successful brand. At least you will definitely reconsider your image and business now. We advise just master these principles and you'll be on top!

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