estatik_2.1.0 released

It has been really irritating all this time to code your active theme to show Estatik categories and search results for both - you and us! We did some code changes to improve this part of the plugin and now you can use simple shortcodes to create pages for categories, types, statuses and search results. SO ...

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I'm downloading this plugin for the first time. How to use new shortcodes?

Just create pages with the shortcodes below and assign the pages to necessary menu. The procedure is the same as with other shortcodes.


1. To create search results page please create the page with shortcode [es_search] and select the page in Search widget settings – drop-down Search.


search page_ in search widget

2. To create listings of specific category, type or status – use sample shortcodes below:


[es_category category=”for sale”] = Properties for sale


[es_category type=”house”] = List of houses


[es_category status=”open”] = Properties open for sale/rent


I've been using the plugin for a long time and customized my theme to show these pages properly. What changes should I make?

If you are using the plugin till the ver. 2.0 it means, you added some shortcodes to your active theme to show the pages correctly. After you update the version, you will have to create new pages with new shortcodes written above.


You can remove the code that was added to theme before.


How to update?

First of all please do backup before updating as sometimes it happens when you can forget about some customizations or translations and complain when already lost some parts of code.


If you update the plugin from the ver. 2.0 to 2.1.0, you can just delete the previous version and install the new version. You will not lose any listing and other information that the plugin contained.


If you update from version 1.x to 2.1.0, please use this procedure better >>


After update, you will need to Save Permalinks in General settings again as single property page can show the error.


Please write us immediately if you have any issues or concerns about the update procedure. Our team will do our best to help you sort it out.


Other fixes included in release:


1. Google Map API option added - in case if the map is not loading, please select yes option in settings:

2. PDF translation issue fixed

3. PDF display in IE and Chrome error fixed

4. Description box bug with text fixed

5. Display of area and lot size dimensions on front-end - fixed

6. Copying images after CSV import - fixed

7. Search widget bug with 2nd results page - fixed.


Please contact us if you have any questions or need help with update.