Estatik V.3.11.0 ready. What's new?

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June 10, 2021

While everyone was busy trying out and testing our brand new Canva Realtor Instagram Bundle, our team behind the scenes was working on new 3.11.0 version of our plugin. The update is very important because it includes a lot of long-awaited features like customizable property boxes, login via Google and Facebook accounts and many others. Let us review a few right here...

Custom fields output in property boxes

This one was one of the most requested improvements that our previous versions lacked. Now we have added it and you can select any fields (inbuilt or custom ones) with your own icons and display them in a property box.

You can get more detail about this new feature in our documentation here.

Sing in via Google & Facebook

Using our detailed documentation now you can create and setup your app and allow your potential buyers to log in using their social accounts. With the inclusion of this new feature the registration and login process becomes much faster and secure.

Unimited color palette for labels

Prior to this release you could pick only default colors for labels in Estatik Data Manager. Now you have unlimited colors there and no restrictions!

Custom HTML type field added

Estatik Fields Builder has become more powerful with V.3.11.0! In this release you can create custom fields in HTML format which can significantly improve your single property page as you can do simply everything with it now.
Now you can find this field type amongst others in FB.


There were many other minor improvements and fixes. Below is our complete V.3.11.0 changelog:

NEW: Pre-defined fields option in search form shortcode added (all versions)
NEW: Login via social media Google/Facebook added (all versions)
NEW: Label custom colors added (all versions)
NEW: Option to display custom fields & icons in property boxes added (PRO & Premium)
NEW: CSV import format modified (images separation by comma added) (PRO & Premium)
NEW: HTML field type in FB added (all versions)
FIX: Link “Set filter fields” in MLS Import fixed (Premium)
FIX: !important from title style of any widget removed (all versions)
FIX: “Saved searches” feature fixed (PRO & Premium)
FIX: Elementor widgets style tab added (all features)
FIX: Excluded es_get_default_thumbnail_id function from plugin (all versions)
FIX: Search shortcode issue fixed (all versions)
FIX: Estatik Search widget fields order in Elementor fixed (all versions)
FIX: Maps issue with address components for UK, Spain fixed (all versions)
FIX: Select2 selected options width fixed (all versions)
FIX: Default fields deletion process from front-end management fixed (PRO & Premium)
FIX: minor fixes
P.S. As you can see - we hear you! Please do not stop share your ideas and suggestions via your Feedback menu in Support Area. We truly appreciate it and consider each of them! Thanks to each of you and enjoy the release!

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