Estatik 3.6.0 integrated with ShelterZoom Offer Now widget!

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January 19, 2018

Online Offer and Acceptance Platform was created by ShelterZoom on blockchain technology to speed up the offer and acceptance procedures in real estate business. This innovative and far-reaching technology allows buyers and agents track, accept, reject or counter offers in real time.


“While there are so many listing sites and search fields, we soon realised that once you find a house the technology stops. Prospective buyers need to ring the real estate office and fill in forms, with a lot of paperwork involved,”

says ShelterZoom CEO and co-founder Chao Cheng-Shorland.

“Now buyers can express serious interest on the spot, using mobile technology rather than tedious paperwork that often needs a third party to witness the process, and audit the transaction.”


ShelterZoom Offer and Acceptance Platform includes web dashboard, mobile app and Offer Now widget that can be used on any website. We just made it easier to use for WordPress users!


From now Estatik PRO and Premium customers also have this great opportunity due to new Estatik 3.6.0 version! Let us make a short review of this brand new app and explain in detail how it can be used.

Step 1. Register at ShelterZoom

If you are Admin of WordPress website built on Estatik, firstly please register on as Affiliate/Real Estate Professional and receive your login and password via email.



Now you are ShelterZoom partner and have your own dashboard, that you can enter using your credentials.

Step 2. Enable ShelterZoom widget in Estatik

Open your WordPress admin area, go to Estatik - Settings and make sure that you enabled ShelterZoom integration. Please enter the login details that you obtained in previous Step 1 in Settings like it is displayed below:



The field API Key will be generated automatically once you enter login and password. Additionally you can select the position of the icon and its size to adjust it better to your active theme.


Save settings once all the fields seem to be filled in.


Open frontend and check if you can see Offer Now yellow icon on the left or right side of the listing page:



If you setup everything correctly, once you click on it, you will see a chat popup window which offers buyers to submit an online offer.

Step 3. How to submit/accept offer?

There is a simple verification procedure for buyers. To submit an offer, they will be asked to verify their account and install free mobile app for that.


Agents receive instant notifications and can chat with buyers in real time via the same ShelterZoom app.

How much does it cost?

You can register and use this great tool absolutely free!

Estatik & ShelterZoom Demo website

Please check this amazing WordPress real estate website of Cyrus Charter Company that built its real estate website on Estatik Trendy and Estatik Premium plugin. It successfully uses Offer Now widget and you can take a look how it looks and works in live.