Estatik 3.6.6 ready! What new features come with it?

Posted by admin

August 16, 2018

Here it is what we have been working for the last month! All Estatik customers, from Simple user to Premium can find great improvements in the plugin look and work. So what's new?

1. NEW Remote Images use feature

We've added option to show images instead of physical storing them at your website and taking space on your disk. This feature can be implemented only by Premium version customers whose MLS provider uses Matrix system.

You can find new feature in General Settings of MLS/RETS Import:

Make sure that fields "Use object locations" and "Use remote images" are set to Yes.

The rest of configuration can be remained the same.

2. NEW MLS # filter added to admin panel

This is a must-have new feature for listings imported from MLS. That's why it is implemented in Estatik Premium version. Estatik Simple and PRO still have filter by Property ID.

3. NEW images quantity added to admin panel

This small bonus will be definitely helpful to you some day!

4. NEW Thumbs generation removal option

This is not a must but optional new tool for Premium users. It will turn out to be very helpful and effective at real estate websites with a great amount of listings with rich photo galleries. Once you enable it, the plugin will stop generating thumbs for every single listing picture which will reduce the load on your server considerably. New feature can be found in the Advanced Settings of MLS/RETS Import panel:

5. Bug fixes

There is also a list of bug fixes and small additional features in this new release:

* Bug with File type in FB fixed
* Adaptive height for slider added
* Save Settings bug fixed
* Multiselect feature for ShelterZoom category field added (PRO & Premium)
* Fixed image size for fb sharing
* Added Deleted value column in Synchronization panel (Premium)
* other minor fixes

You can download the updated versions in your Downloads. You can also update the plugin using WordPress built-in update system inside admin area. If any questions appear, drop us a message.