Estatik 3.8.0 is out

Before we end this extremely hard week, we would like to announce the release of Estatik 3.8.0. We are very proud of this release as it is primarily focused on the plugin usability beside some new features and bugs extermination. We've developed a simple way to create pages with listings, agents and widgets in just a few clicks! Go on reading and you will be pleasantly surprised how easily you can display your listings on the website with the updated Estatik 3.8.0!

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1. Estatik Shortcode Builder

This is how we prefer to call it as it does exactly what it says! No need to search in documentation or remember the exact writing of Estatik shortcodes from now. Just click on Estatik icon and our intuitive form will tell you what is the next step. As simple as that!


2. Map clusters

The second most important feature of Estatik 3.8.0. Extremely helpful feature for our Estatik Premium users, when your website has thousands of listings and you need to show all of them on the map. It will make your map cleaner and smarter. Check out our demo websites to see how it works in live.

Enable or disable it in the Map settings of the plugin.


3. Disclaimer

A must-have feature for Estatik Premium and sorry for not adding it earlier! Now you can add required text and show it on every single property. We have created a separate tab in Settings for it.


3. BUGs fixes

As usually we are doing our best to fix all bugs that we receive in your bug reports. Please do not stop helping us in that. Feel free to contact us and report a bug. You can be sure we will address each of them.
Here are the bugs included in the new version 3.8.0:

* Bug with Select multiselect type field fixed (PRO & Premium)
* Bug with Buyers removal when White label enabled fixed (PRO & Premium)
* Bug in Saved search Price field fixed (PRO & Premium)
* Excerpt in frontend management added (PRO & Premium)
* Contact agent tab bug fixed (PRO & Premium)
* Google geocoding function fixed.
* Subscription table fixed (PRO)
* White label redirection fixed
* MLS # field fixed (Premium)
* minor fixes

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