Estatik Advanced Search

Estatik Search goes with all versions of Estatik - Simple, PRO and Premium and can be used as shortcode or widget.

What search options are available?

You can search via address, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, floors, lot and area size, price, category, type, status, features, amenities, rent period.

You can also use it in vertical or horizontal layouts. Please check our live demo to see how it works and have a look at demo screenshots below:

Horizontal Search Bar

Vertical Search Box


How to use it?

The Search widget is avaiable in all Simple, PRO and Premium versions. To add it, you can use shortcode:


[es_search_form title="your title" layout="horizontal" fields="price,address,es_state,es_category,es_type,city,street,bedrooms,bathrooms"]


If you do not write fields, it will show all fields by default.

To add it to one of your theme sidebars, please find it in Widgets area and assign it to the required sidebar.

Please check out also our documentation here or contact us if you have any questions about Estatik Search.