No doubt, Elementor has become a revolutionary WordPress page builder with the most popular WordPress theme. With 5+ million active installations on WordPress directory, it has become a true leader among others. WordPress plugin and theme providers had to review and improve their products to make them Elementor compatible. From today Estatik joined Elementor compatible plugins as well. Go on reading to learn how it works.

Firstly, please note that integration with Elementor Page Builder differs in terms of the version you use: Free Elementor or Elementor PRO. We will describe configuration scenario in both cases.

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If you're running Elementor free

1. Select Property in Elementor Settings:

2. Go to Saved Templates and create a new template for Estatik Single Property page. Select Page in Template type and add Shortcode [es_single] into it as well as Estatik Request form or other widgets you want to be placed on single property pages. Press Apply and Publish.

3. After you need to open every property and click Edit with Elementor.

Insert your new template from Saved Templates and click Save to save your changes.

If you're running Elementor PRO

1. Select Property in Elementor Settings:

2. Go to Saved Templates and select Single Property template type there.

3. Insert Post Content widget and any other widgets into your template.

4. Include Display condition for your new template: Property.

Important! Unlike Elementor free, Elementor PRO doesn't need to insert template every time into single property pages. It will be picked automatically and applied to all Estatik properties pages.

Along with that, you can find a list of Estatik ready-to-use widgets in Elementor Elements. Just drag and drop and build your perfect listings pages with Elementor Page Builder and Elementor Theme. If you feel stuck on any of the steps, please contact us and we will help you move forward!

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