Estatik Premium (RETS) version released!

Posted by admin

June 9, 2017

This is a great event as from now you can do much more with Estatik! If you need MLS integration and your MLS provider offers integration via RETS, the new Estatik Premium (RETS) version is exactly what you need! No customizations any more  now, just install, configure and launch the import.

What do I need to use Estatik Premium?

  • * WordPress website,
  • * RETS credentials (rets link, username and password) from MLS provider
  • Estatik Premium (RETS) installed and properly configured

Where can I get RETS credentials?

We do not have RETS credentials and never had and do not provide them. It is only you or your broker can get this data after signing up agreement between broker and MLS provider. Mostly granting RETS credentials is extra charged and takes some time to get it. So be ready to spend some time and money before you can make MLS integration.

Do I need to pay monthly or yearly for Estatik Premium?

No, there is no monthly fee and you are not required to pay every year. When you purchase Estatik Premium you get unlimited download access, yearly free support and free updates, option to install it and make MLS import on unlimited websites.

When the first year passes, it doesn't mean that the plugin stops working. You still can use it and install. But you will not be able to get free support for your website. To do it, you need to prolong your subscription which you can do via your Support Area.

What are the main features of the plugin?

  • * Manual/Automatic import with filters option - you can set up automatic schedule or launch import manually
  • * All data can be imported into newly added Estatik fields - you can import all information of the selected resource (listing type)
  • * Images import into Media Library
  • * Looks the same beautifully and can work with the most of WordPress themes

We prepared a brief documentation here >> , so you could follow our instructions and set up import properly. Aso check our FAQ page or ask any questions in chat window or contact us page.