Fields Builder

Fields builder feature is completely available in the Estatik PRO and Premium versions. It is also available in Simple version but in limited version.

What kinds of fields can I create with Fields builder?

You can create the following types of the fields: text, number, price, area, file, select (drop-down), text area, date, email, URL, tel.

Almost every field can be searchable and required or not.

How do they look like on frontend?

New fields added via Fields builder look like all other default fields in the plugin. To systematize them, you can create also sections and assign specific fields in appropriate sections:

In screenshot below you can see Documents, Exterior features and Floorplans as sections with their custom fields. You can reorder both sections and fields, edit or remove them. Please find here detailed documentation how to use them.


Please follow this link to how-to-use tutorial for Fields builder. If you have any questions, drop us a message and we will get back to you shortly.