Getting Started with Multiple Listing Service Import via Trestle Corelogic

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December 7, 2021

The real estate market is competitive, and the industry is unusual in that competitors must work together to secure a successful transaction. MLS systems make it easier for them to collaborate.
Today, through MLSs, realtors share information about homes they have listed and invite other realtors to help them sell in exchange for a commission if they find a buyer. Increased exposure to a seller's property benefits them, and buyers benefit from the fact that they may access information on all MLS-listed houses while working with only one realtor.

As a relator, one approach would be to use Trestle (Corelogic). Without further ado, let's get into how you can use Trestle to import MLS into your WordPress website.

What is Trestle & why do I need to connect to it?

Trestle is a platform for distributing real estate data. It collects and normalizes data from several sources, automates data licensing, and provides rapid and standardized programmatic data interfaces.
With Trestle, even the data license agreement is available online. You can imagine how time-consuming it can be if you have to go through the effort of contacting the MLS to receive the agreement, filling it out, sending it to your vendor to sign, then back to the MLS to sign. Trestle manages the agreement in a manner comparable to the digital transaction management software, making it quick and easy for people to sign.
When you connect to this platform, you get the following benefits:
* Over 120 markets that have unified RESO compliant data streams.
* RETS feed with platinum data dictionary compliance or gold-certified Web APR
* Direct CoreLogic support.
* A digital licensing and approval process that shortens the time between data requests and data flow.
Technology Providers like Estatik can subscribe to Trestle, complete the basic settings required to use the service, and begin connecting to license listing content from Multiple Listing Organizations.

How to integrate Trestle with my WordPress?

Follow this detailed step-by-step instruction to integrate Trestle MLS on your WordPress site.

Step 1. Select the hosting service where you can install WordPress 

It is crucial to select the best WordPress hosting provider for your WordPress real estate website. The health and security of your website will be determined by the hosting service you choose. Here are some of the best hosting providers on the market.
Please note that we do not recommend such servers like or any other which doesn't provide full control of the website.

Step 2. Select WordPress plugin

There are numerous WordPress IDX/MLS import plugins available on the market. The plugin that corresponds to your MLS provider must be carefully chosen. Estatik Premium plugin is a highly recommended plugin for realtors who wish to create an easy-to-use website with a user-friendly interface. Estatik is a WordPress plugin that allows you to construct simple real estate websites for real estate businesses and single agents.
One factor that should entice you to install this plugin on your website is the dependable help that it provides. The plugin is also entirely customizable, so you can design its appearance to your liking.
With this mls import plugin, you will be able to import listings from the MLS server, including data and pictures to your website. You will also be able to configure manual or automated synchronization of listings with the MLS.

Step 3. Register on Trestle

After you've set up your website and installed your plugin, it's time to sign up for Trestle (at
Keep in mind that you must subscribe to Trestle before you can begin configuring and connecting to license listing data. Trestle subscriptions are month-to-month, with no fees unless one or more Connections to license data are granted.
- > If you want to subscribe and obtain feed access on individual basis, you need to go to Trestle Corelogic and click “Get Started”. Select your business type as “Broker” and fill out the registration form. After you will be asked to select your MLO and your Broker ID to continue.
- > If you decide to get feed access via Technical Provider (Vendor) like Estatik, you can contact us, provide us with your MLS name and we will initiate the request for a data feed for you.

What data access support Trestle?

Trestle and Estatik Premium support the following data access:

Web API: RESO built the Web API, a modern, OData-based RESTful interface. Web API is suitable for both real-time data access and data replication processes in which some or all of the data is downloaded to your application.
RETS: Is also developed by RESO. Existing data applications may already use RETS, in that case, importing Trestle data via RETS may be the most logical option. RETS is intended for data replication and does not support real-time access. However as RETS is a deprecated data standard more and more MLSs switch to RESO Web API. The difference between RESO Web API and RETS is fully explained in our previous posts.

Is Trestle data feed free?

When you request for a new data connection with an MLO, the Trestle dashboard guides you through the process of creating an e-signing contract in order to collect signatures from all parties and allow the invoicing of the MLO's license price.
There are typically two separate fees for each connection for MLO data feeds:
* A monthly Trestle platform fee of $85
* A monthly, quarterly, or annual MLO license fee, which varies widely by market.
Before you activate a data connection, you can check the fees connected with it. These two types of fees are charged automatically to the credit card you provided when you opened your Trestle account.

Why choose Estatik as a Trestle Vendor?

If you are a developer or a realtor, you undoubtedly grasp the complexities of the most effective solutions. When it comes to developing a fully functional WordPress real estate website, the best option is one that showcases your listings in the best way possible.
Trestle is a new RESO-compliant MLS listings management and productivity tool. All RETS-based MLS providers are supported by MLS Estatik real estate solution. Because of Estatik’s design, it is entirely adaptable. As a result, it can be integrated with Trestle. You can also add, delete, or update fields with no need to modify the database.
Estatik is registered at Trestle Corelogic as Technological Provider and our team can request feed access if your MLO is included in Trestle MLS list as well and you purchased Estatik Premium Plugin. Estatik MLS plugin allows you to map and import all fields available on MLS side. It saves and stores all MLS listings data on you server which is better for SEO and custom editing.