How to build a free multilingual real estate website?

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July 16, 2021

We've already covered all benefits that a multilingual real estate website has. Let's discuss now how exactly you can build it. Even though it might seem to be a challenge, in fact it's not. Good news is that you can even create a full-featured property website for free using just two WordPress plugins like Estatik and Polylang. Just follow our correct step-by-step guide and you’ll handle it successfully.

Step 1.

Install Estatik Simple plugin. It’s absolutely free with great free support via forum. You can simply download it on our website here or easily find it on WordPress directory at Please do not ignore our Setup Wizard and follow the steps it offers. Thus you will set up quickly our demo pages with demo listings. Further you can adapt and configure the plugin according to your needs.

Step 2.

Install and activate Polylang plugin. You can do that right from your admin area. The plugins also goes with Setup Wizard which is recommended to use as well. We describe this procedure in detail here. This quick setup will simplify the entire setup process a lot!

Step 3.

Set up a Polylang language widget. This will display a language option on your website. Polylang plugin is a pretty functional plugin. It allows you to select a specific display of languages: drop-downs, flag icons, language names, etc. Now you can find Language switcher in Menus. There you can assign it to your main menu which is the most ordinary place for it.

Step 4.

Configure Polylang to make it work with Estatik plugin. Please note that configuration is the same for all Estatik versions. This part is probably the most important one because if you miss any of the steps there, you will face issues in your further. That's why please be careful and follow our detailed instructions how to configure Polylang to work best with Estatik.

Step 5.

If you followed our instructions above carefully, you should be able to translate custom fields created via Fields Builder as well as default plugin taxonomies. Please check here how you can translate taxonomies and how you can add your translations for custom fields
If any questions appear during this translation process, you can always check out our full documentation or contact us. We'll be happy to help!

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