How To Import Listings From Canadian Real Estate Association?

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December 4, 2021

The Canadian Real Estate Association (crea) represents over 115,000 Canadian real estate brokers, agents, and salespeople. This is the go-to source for real estate news and statistics for the media, policymakers, consumers, and the sector itself.
The Association publishes monthly reports on existing home sales, new housing trends, and concerns affecting the housing industry. This includes the monthly data on existing house sales as well as the monthly market segmentation reports for new homes. It also publishes quarterly reports of housing market activities in Canada's largest markets.
The Canadian Real Estate Association manages the Data Distribution Facility (ddf), a national repository for housing market data. It holds almost two million records on Canadian residential properties dating back to 1996. CREA also has a consumer website where customers may find real estate listings, news, and advice.

Can I integrate it with WordPress?

When it comes to connecting your crea ddf account with WordPress, developers are still in the dark concerning the integration's future. The Canadian Real Estate Association has been gradually disclosing details on the DDF and its integration with WordPress. Currently, the only integration available is the "Add Agent" function, which enables an agent's website to load their most recent listings dynamically.
Additionally, a "Get Sales" function, a “Residential Property Evaluation,” and a "New Houses Only" modifier are also pending release. Estatik Premium is a WordPress plugin that makes the process of integrating the system extremely simple. All that is required is that you install and activate the plugin, after which you will input your ddf credentials.
After Estatik team finishes configuration and setup, all of your data will be instantly imported into WordPress. This CREA DFF + Estatik integration allows customers to receive organic MLS import with all SEO benefits. The introduction of the plugin and the ongoing development of the DDF demonstrate that WordPress developers are interested in utilizing this data, and CREA is continuing to strive to make it available.

How Can I Import from CREA to WordPress?

You'll need a plugin like Estatik Premium to import CREA listings. This plugin connects to the CREA API and retrieves all your region's most recent real estate listings. You may then use multiple widgets or create custom pages to show them on your website in the way you prefer. For those of you who manage your WordPress real estate website with Estatik Premium, you may quickly import listings from the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA).
1. First, CREA demands the use of digest authentication for all access. Before making any additional requests, a customer must first submit a Login request. You can check how to register your DDF feed at here.
2. Second, install Estatik Premium with CREA DDF import feature on your WordPress real estate website.
Activate your free technical support via Support Area, where you can add all of your access information (admin access to your WordPress website (admin username/password), FTP access to your website folder (host, username, and password), access to your hosting account or cPanel. This access is required for our team to make complete setup.
3. Fill out the MLS Fields Setup form sent by Estatik Team. After receiving the form, our staff will be ready to begin working.
In the following instances, we are unable to provide the service in its entirety:
- Whether the consumer doesn't reply to our emails;
- If the consumer does not supply us with the necessary information - by not filling in a form or providing us with access credentials.
- The validity of the service is set as two weeks. This service must be paid for individually if the customer does not respond within this time frame.
The imported listings will be instantly uploaded to your website’s database and will be available for viewing by visitors to your website. Estatik Premium makes it simple to integrate listings from CREA into your WordPress website, allowing you to get up and running with a robust real estate website in no time.
This procedure will take 3 to 5 working days to complete depending on whether or not your website server satisfies all of our standards. Please don't hesitate to contact our skilled staff through Chat or the Contact Us page if you have any queries or issues. We will be delighted to assist you.

Why choose Estatik for CREA DDF Import

Estatik Premium is a WordPress real estate plugin that includes everything you need to build stunning websites for your agents, brokers, and office. It has page builders, custom shortcodes, maps, client reports, listings import/export, among other features. Estatik is the preferred WordPress real estate plugin for CREA members as it integrates with CREA DDF easily and smoothly.
This plugin provides a comprehensive set of features and customization possibilities that make it an excellent choice for managing real estate websites. Some of the most significant advantages of adopting Estatik Premium are as follows:
1. Estatik Premium is exceptionally simple to use - even for completely new people to the WordPress platform. You will find it simple to import and update your real estate listings, and you will find it simple to construct custom pages and menus using the drag-and-drop capabilities provided by the interface.
2. The comprehensive search engine in Estatik Premium enables users to identify homes by a variety of criteria, including location, property type, number of bedrooms or bathrooms, and other features. In addition, Estatik provides a number of time-saving real estate solutions which are worth a try.
3. Estatik Premium includes a variety of essential developer tools that allow you to make changes to the code that powers Estatik. The platform is safe for the real estate sector, which means it adheres to the tight requirements set out by the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA).
4. The cost for Estatik Premium is incredibly reasonable, and it contains a slew of useful features and support options, such as lifetime updates of the plugin as well as access to Estatik Downloads Area and one-year free support. The staff at Estatik is always willing to assist you with any problems or concerns that you may be experiencing, and they are constantly striving to improve the functioning of the plugin.
5. Has a one-time payment method.
6. CREA customers get free support for 1 year and affordable prices for support renewal which is optional.

How does CREA differ from MLS in USA?

CREA is Canada's national real estate association, and it oversees the MLS system. The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a database of all homes for sale in Canada that real estate brokers use to discover properties for their customers. CREA also releases market reports that provide an overview of the Canadian housing industry.
The MLS system differs from the one used in the United States, where real estate agents work independently and only display property listed by other agents. Before being licensed in Canada, all realtors (agents) must participate in continuing education and complete a series of tests. Furthermore, they must adhere to CREA's stringent code of ethics.

Comparison With TREB

There are two major real estate organizations in Toronto: CREA and TREB. The Canadian Real Estate Association is abbreviated as CREA, and the Toronto Real Estate Board is abbreviated as TREB. Both organizations offer various services to their members, but there are some significant distinctions between them.
The primary goal of CREA is to represent the interests of real estate agents as well as individual sellers and purchasers. TREB has a slightly different structure, with a greater emphasis on the interests of its members rather than the needs of customers.
The purpose of CREA is to guarantee that both its members and their clients are adequately represented in Canada's housing market. It does this through various services such as educational materials and advocacy. TREB is less concerned with consumer advocacy and more concerned with the requirements of its members.
CREA is a non-profit organization, whereas TREB is a for-profit corporation. This means that CREA does not seek to maximize profits but instead devotes its resources to improving the real estate sector as a whole. TREB, on the other hand, seeks to maximize shareholder return. It is also worth noting that Estatik does not cover TREB but does cover CREA.
CREA has a more extensive database than TREB since it has existed longer. The objective of the CREA is to improve the credibility and effectiveness of Canadian real estate professionals to foster a thriving Canadian real estate business.
CREA also owns, which is the largest real estate portal in Canada, making it a reliable source for all your real estate needs.