Today we are happy to announce the availability of Estatik 3.7.0! Estatik 3.7.0 version is one of the most complex and challenging releases because our team had to change some basic architecture of the plugin code and reconstruct it. We have added a new user group - Buyers who can create wishlists, save searches and manage their lists.
Amazing new features will noticeably extend your real estate website functionality! Let's just check out how they work and look now:

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NEW Wishlists & Saved Searches

We promised and we did it! This popular and extremely helpful tools are available both in free and paid Estatik plugin versions. Once updated or installed on your website, you will see a new heart icon on list/grid view as well as on single property page.

To use it, just make sure you have created new page with shortcode [es_profile]. All favourite saved listings as well as your saved searches can be found in your profile page from now. You can name your searches, check for new listings or delete.

If you still can not figure out how new features work, we have prepared some detailed tutorials here >>

Emails Notifications Upgrade

With Estatik 3.7.0 all your emails that come from our plugin look good when they land in the inbox. You will find everything required to brand your emails: option to add your Logo, customize default texts via HTML editor, customize its colors.

Other improvements & Fixes

Among major new features described above we have also greatly enhanced our Estatik Simple version and fixed some important issues in Premium edition.

Estatik 3.7.0 changelog:

    * NEW: Wishlist added
    * NEW: Saved searches added
    * NEW: User profiles added
    * NEW: Ligthbox for main image added
    * NEW: Slideshow widget added & shortcode added
    * NEW: Fields Builder competely unlocked
    * NEW: Labels editing in Data Manager added
    * NEW: Remove option for featured image added
    * NEW: Agents profiles added (PRO & Premium)
    * NEW: Emails notifications about matching searches added (PRO & Premium)
    * Fix: Multiselect feature for Select type in FB added
    * Fix: Integrated WP HTTP Api instead of file_get_contents function
    * Fix: Address import fix (Premium)
    * minor fixes
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